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I am toggling show/hide using jQuery on a div block via

$("#videoArea_" + id).fadeToggle(100);

and it's working perfectly except for one minor detail. When there is a flash video player in that content area, the flash player will not hide along with the rest of the block via the "toggle" function.

The strange thing is that it will hide the video using the hide() function but I'd rather use toggle() to keep track of my state and switch accordingly.

Is this a bug in the toggle() function or am I forgetting something here?

Edit: By the way, it appears to do this only in Google Chrome. Safari, Firefox, Opera all work fine, so I'm thinking this is a Chrome bug.

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When it does not hide, what is its "display" style? It looks like hide() and toggle() both are supposed to use display:none. I wonder something is forcing a different setting. Also, (not sure if it helps), have you set the wmode to opaque for the flash video? I have seen funny things happen when wmode remains as 'window' (the default). Let us know here whatever works. I am curious to know. :)

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I think you are right about the wmode... Originally I placed it in the page as an iframe and after you said that I tried it as an embed with the wmode option and now it works fine in Chrome. Thanks for the suggestion! –  iWasRobbed Jan 24 '11 at 20:03

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