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I am running into this problem in Java.

I have data strings that contain entities enclosed between & and ; For e.g.

&Text.ABC;, &Links.InsertSomething; 

These entities can be anything from the ini file we have.

I need to find these string in the input string and remove them. There can be none, one or more occurrences of these entities in the input string.

I am trying to use regex to pattern match and failing.

Can anyone suggest the regex for this problem?


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Here is the regex:


It starts by matching the character &, followed by one or more letters (both uppercase and lower case) ([A-Za-z]+). Then it matches a dot followed by one or more letters (\\.[A-Za-z]+). There can be any number of this, including zero. Finally, it matches the ; character.

You can use this regex in java like this:

Pattern p = Pattern.compile("&[A-Za-z]+(\\.[A-Za-z]+)*;"); // java.util.regex.Pattern
String subject = "foo &Bar; baz\n";
String result = p.matcher(subject).replaceAll("");

Or just

"foo &Bar; baz\n".replaceAll("&[A-Za-z]+(\\.[A-Za-z]+)*;", "");

If you want to remove whitespaces after the matched tokens, you can use this re:

"&[A-Za-z]+(\\.[A-Za-z]+)*;\\s*" // the "\\s*" matches any number of whitespace
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Thanks a lot!!! That worked wonderfully. – SfromMA Jan 24 '11 at 20:38

And there is a nice online regular expression tester which uses the java regexp library.

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You can try:


See it

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