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My (web-based PHP) application needs to have the feature of sending SMS notifications to the users. Can you recommend a good solution/API to use (in terms of ease of integration and cost)?

I have used Upside Wireless before (http://www.upsidewireless.com/), and had no problems with it, but as this is the only service I ever used, I don't really have a good perspective.

I do not mind paying for a solid API.

Thank you,

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Twilio offers a simple and affordable API and a PHP helper library that makes this very easy.

[Full disclosure: I work for Twilio, but was a happy customer before I started here.]

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Id very much depends on your needs.

Do you need to send message to many countries worldwide or just one? Many providers offer you only limited world coverage.

Do you need to send unicode messages? There are a few that don't offer this.

Do you need to send long messages? Even though this is a basic feature, many established "players" don't do this.

Do you need to be able to check the delivery status of every message later? Same here.

The right answer depends to your questions :)

Dislaimer: I can only say that if your questions are listed above -- I work for a company which has all of the features listed. We also offer HLR (check if number is in roaming) and inbound messaging APIs.

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I usually just do it by sending a regular email. Take a look at this page, http://www.stemkoski.com/sending-text-messages-using-php-for-free/

If you don't see a carrier on there I am sure you can do a little digging and figure out the correct email address to use.

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This is probably the best practice. –  Dalton Conley Jan 24 '11 at 20:43
That's fine, but then when the user enters their phone #, they must also enter their carrier, and there is a risk that the site will not support the one they have. –  Goro Jan 24 '11 at 20:48
Well, if you didn't do it by email, I'm not sure there is another free way to do it, unless you had a service plan setup with a provider. –  Dalton Conley Jan 24 '11 at 20:54
Email gateways are the only free way only if your time is worth nothing. Sending via email has issues: stackoverflow.com/questions/3524742/sms-gateway-for-windows-c/… –  Runscope API Tools Jan 25 '11 at 2:47
I would rather prefer a solid solution, even if I have to pay for it. It's easier to explain to the client why the cost is higher than why his application crashed :) –  Goro Jan 28 '11 at 0:51

Nothing wrong with using one of the APIs on offer, it comes down to how much effort you want to put into the SMS feature and they are the easiest option for which you trade off flexibility & cost. Since you asked for greater perspective, the alternative solution is directly interfacing a GSM modem or plain old mobile phone to your web server.

More effort obviously, but Kannel, gnokii & [GW]ammu are some of the open source software options you have. And not recommended unless it's truly mission critical to the whole thing and you can afford to put in the effort, but you can begin to code the thing from scratch by introducing yourself to the bits & bytes detail - this is a nice, friendly introduction to the area.

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I'm using a regular SMS-Gateway for PHP. The most gateway-provieders have a good documentation and it's very easy to implement in your existing PHP-script. I never used a Mail-to-SMS-Api but as I see it, you can't fetch the status code of an SMS.

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