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I'm having a little trouble trying to articulate my question, or if I'm really even searching for the right thing here, but let me explain.

Using active record, how can I return the results for a model if they do not exist in a certain relationship elsewhere. For example, say I have a Recipe model which belongs to categories (via a category_recipes join table).

So basically I have a Rake task that looks through each recipe and it's description and try to put in in a category, but the task takes a long time and I'll need to run it on a regular basis, so I only want to run it if the Recipe in question has not already been categorized and I'd rather not add a superfluous column like categorized, so I figure there is a way to retrieve only the Recipes that don't exist in the join table. Any thoughts?

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You can solve this query with a LEFT OUTER JOIN:

Recipe.joins('LEFT OUTER JOIN recipe_categories ON recipes.id = recipe_categories.recipe_id').where('recipe_categories.recipe_id IS NULL')
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Works great! Feels kind of dirty with all that raw sql in there, but that's probably because I've been used to AREL for so long :D –  Brendon Muir Apr 29 '11 at 2:03
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You could do this with an SQL select, perhaps.

@uncategorized_recipes = Recipe.find_by_sql("select * from recipes
  where id not in ( select recipe_id from category_recipes )")

The exact syntax might vary depending on your database.

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Had to solve this myself today and think this will do the trick:

Recipe.includes(:categories).where('categories.id IS NULL')
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I haven't tested it but you may try

Recipe.joins(:categories).select('recipes.*, categories.count(*) as category_count').where(:category_count => 0).group('recipes.id')
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Unless I'm missing something here, couldn't you just do


My question would be, how do you find Recipes that belong to categories that no longer exist. So for example a recipe may have belonged to Category 1, and thus have category_id: 1, but when you delete Category 1, the recipe gets lost. How would you find these "lost" recipes that have invalid cat_ids?

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That answer does not fit the original question. The scenario suggested does not have a category_id on the Recipe table, but instead has a separate category_recipes join table that contains records with recipe_id and category_id so that a recipe can belong to multiple categories. In that scenario, your software should delete any category_recipe records that apply to the category being deleted. –  dalewking Jan 17 at 16:38
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