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Does AS3 offer a way to customize the position of the image and text in the default TileList component?

I want to make a list of preview - description pairs, where item is located to the left of the text.

I assume this can be implemented using DataGrid and filling one cell with image and another with the description, but there should probably be a way to make that using TileList. I suspect I have to override item positioning in my own renderer, but I am not sure where to start digging.

Also - is there any way to render rich text (at least with bold / italic support) in those components? How should it be implemented?

Thank you.

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you can create your own cell renderer that either extends CellRenderer or impliments ICellRenderer then set your component to use it:

list.setStyle("cellRenderer", myCellRendererClass);

details can be found here: Adobe ActionScript 3.0 - Work with a CellRenderer

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