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I have several dynamically created hidden input fields. Most of which have a name formatted as "array[]"

Question 1:

How can I use jQuery .ajax() or .post() to get the values from every field named "array[]" and pass them so they'll be retrievable as $_POST['array'] in my PHP page?

Question 2:

Hypothetically speaking. Lets say that I don't know the name of said field but only the name of the form. How can I still do the same thing as in Question 1?

I found .serializeArray() in the jQuery documentation, but I have no idea what I'm doing with that and I'm not even certain if that applies to my situation of not knowing the field names.

Thanks in advance.

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You want to use .serialize() on the form. This will make a query string of all form elements (including 'name[]' ones).

$.post('/url/to/post', $('#form').serialize(), function(data){
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You'll want to use jQuery's .serialize() method.
Check it out

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