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why are these floats breaking in IE?

and also, does anyone have any experience with 'jquery.ba-hashchange.min.js' how to get the hashchange to not be so.. ugly?


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There are quite a few problems with this page.

I decided to try to make it look acceptable in Firefox, and wrote down what I did as I was doing it.

After applying all these changes using Firebug, this page looks much better in Firefox.

  • To <section id="page"> add overflow:auto
  • From <footer> remove top: -32px
  • From the <img> inside <div class="leftfloat"> remove padding-top:12px

  • From <div style="padding-top:75px"> make these changes:

    • Remove padding-top: 75px
    • Add padding: 40px 0 15px 0
    • Add overflow: auto
    • Add width: 100%
  • On the first <article>: <article class="leftfloat" style="clear: left; width: 275px;"> change the width to 250px.

  • On the second <article>: <article class="leftfloat" style="width: 250px;"> add padding: 0 25px 0 0.

Like I said, there are rather a lot of problems with this page. Apply those changes, and let's see how it's looking in IE.

Viewing source here: http://iamwhitebox.com/staging/arkitek/press/index.htm, I see unparsed PHP tags:

 include_once 'includes/header.inc';
 include_once 'includes/footer.inc';

They shouldn't be there. (I got that URL by looking at the XHR request section in Firebug.)

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