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I want to get the current request uri from inside a jsp page in a struts2 webapp. I can do this in an action using the following:


... and I supposed technically I could then create a property of the action that just returns that value but I would rathern not write it into the action, is there a way I can access the same value in a jsp using an ognl expression?

EDIT: After a bit more playing about I have realised that even if I can get the HttpServletRequest.getRequestURI() value in the jsp page by the time I get it, it will have changed to the path of the jsp not the original request URI so will not be what I want.

So instead what I have done is write an interceptor that grabs the value early on before the request is dispatched to the jsp file and then save it in the value stack which I can then refer to it in the jsp. This may be the only solution but if anyone knows different then do enlighten me.

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This question http://stackoverflow.com/questions/4773063/tiles2-struts-switch-locale shows an application of the tag and shows how to maintain the parameters on the url (which might be useful for later).

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Douh! I should have known that. Thanks. –  murdoch Jan 25 '11 at 15:06

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