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I'm using MVC 3. I have a method on the controller that returns a Json object, according to this question it should be returned to me as Json, but I am finding that is not the case: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/4539853/asp-net-mvc3-bug-using-javascript

here's the code that I have:

function DeleteItem(obj) {

@Ajax.ActionLink("test", "Delete", "Home", new { id = "test" }, new AjaxOptions { Confirm = "Delete?", HttpMethod = "Post", OnComplete = "DeleteItem" });

And the controller:

public ActionResult Delete(string id)
   return Json(new{Success = true,objectId = "testing"});

The first message box displays the response text which is: {"Success":True, "objectId":"testing"}

the second message box displays undefined

So it is coming back to the client correctly, I'm just not sure how to get it out?


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The Ajax.* helpers never really worked nicely. Try using you using normal Html helpers with jquery:

@Html.ActionLink("test", "Delete", "Home", new { id = "test" }, new { id = "delete" })

and then in a separate javascript file:

$(function() {
    $('#delete').click(function() {
        if (confirm('Delete?')) {
            $.post(this.href, { }, function(result) {
        return false;
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Thanks for your suggestion. I'd still love to find out how to get the Ajax.* helper to work, but your solution does work in the meantime. –  Stefan Jan 27 '11 at 22:56
probably i am probably lucky that never used any of Ajax.* helpers in mvc, but just wondering why they doesn't work properly? –  Riapp Jun 5 '11 at 13:15

You could rebuild the object like this. It worked for me.

Json: {"message":"hello", "success": true}

function getJsonDetails_OnComplete(res) {

    var obj = eval("(" + res.responseText + ")");

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