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I would like to add a drop-down menu to the Our Services menu item on my site. You can see the development location at If you mouseover Our Services, you'll see that the drop-down menu is present, but all of the items are different widths. How do I make them all the same width? The source is pretty nasty right now b/c of all of my attempts to make this work, so I apologize for that. Thanks in advance for your help!

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Adding this long CSS selector using Firebug gets you your fixed width drop down links:

#navbar li ul a {
    width: 120px

Of course, it will probably be possible to do that more efficiently - but you already know this; it's messy.

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You can set the width of each in the drop-down to be a fixed width (e.g. 200px) and that should fix it for you.


<a href="/Services/Delivery/" style="width: 200px;">LineHaul Delivery</a>

or define a class to apply to the tags in the drop-down.

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The background image is applied to the <a> which scales with the width of the text inside the tag. Apply it to the <li> and you will get a consistent width within the <ul>.

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