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i tired a long time to get this done, but it seems to that my knowledge is too limited... damn!

I have this function now, where an image is loaded by default in the background and a accordion like menu, where one can click and than some divs fade in etc...

In the first part i set up the default image to load and define 2 links of the accordion:

jQuery(function($) {
    var $img = $('<img>', {
        src:    'images/home.jpg',
        load:   function() {
            $('#bg div table tr td').removeClass('loading').append(this);
        css: {display:  'none'}    

        $('a#the-story:not(.main-active)').live('click', function(){
            $img.fadeOut('slow', function() {
                $('#bg div table tr td').addClass('loading');
                $img.attr('src', 'images/the-story.jpg');

        $('a#the-estate:not(.main-active)').live('click', function(){
            $img.fadeOut('slow', function() {
                $('#bg div table tr td').addClass('loading');
                $img.attr('src', 'images/the-estate.jpg');


Now i have my accordion:

function initMenu() {
    $('#menu ul.sub-1').hide();
    $('#menu ul.sub-2').hide();

    $('a:not(.main-active)').live('click', function(){

        var class = $(this).attr('id');
        $('#content ul').removeClass('active').fadeOut('fast');
        $('#content ul.'+class).addClass('active').delay(300).fadeIn(1000);

        var checkElement = $(this).next();
        if(('ul.sub-1')) && (!':visible'))) {


        if(('ul.sub-2')) && (!':visible'))) {

        return false;

That works fine for me. Now i want to add some function, where the jQuery.address can work, because i want an URL that than opens my accordion, but i couldn´t get it to work. I tried the examples but the accordion itself there didn´t work for me at all, because jQuery.accordion doesn´t support multilevels...

Any suggestion what i should do?

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Please format your code. –  Brian Donovan Jan 24 '11 at 22:19

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Ok, maybe i need a more simple question:

Would it be a way to check first the url, than say eg. if do this and that animation. Is that possiible?

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