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I'm researching how Portable Areas work with the MVC Contrib project. I've been reading a couple good blog posts and tutorials like the following:

MVCContrib – Portable Areas

And in them they mention a method call to perform after defining your routes in the area:

RegisterTheViewsInTheEmbeddedViewEngine(Type t)

I don't see that method call anywhere. Googling it did not seem to provide much. Is this method call gone? Or am I just not understanding the intent?

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This was changed some time between 2.0.50 and 2.0.90. The call no longer exists and was replaced by

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I've updated the code for those two blog posts, it now uses the latest NuGet package for MVC 2. In the future please feel free to leave a comment on my blog. I would be more than happy to help resolve these types of issues.

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