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I have a new component called com_location. It has a single model, controller, and view. If I go to the page URL manually (i.e. it displays my view correctly (all the view does right now is display a table containing a bunch of records from the database.)

However, when I add a menu item of type Internal Link, it doesn't work. I select Internal Link, then Locations -> Location - >Default Layout (my only choice.) I set the title to Find a Community, and the alias to find-a-community. The generated link shown in the Link input field (non-editable) is index.php?option=com_location&view=location - exactly the same URL I can type in manually.

When I go to my front-end, the Find a Community link is there; clicking on it produces the URL, and instead of my component, I get an error message: "The requested URL / find-a-community was not found on this server."

I do have search engine-friendly URLs enabled in the global configuration. Help?!

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If you disable SEF urls does it work? If so, you will need to write a router.php file

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I have a router file. As it turned out, I had forgotten to rename htaccess.txt to .htaccess. That fixed it. – EmmyS Jan 25 '11 at 15:45

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