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I have recently been tasked to working on code that uses Java CUP. Does anybody still use it? I've found a couple small resources on it, but it looks like there isn't much documentation on the main site, Java Cup Website. If there are any mailing-lists or users out there I would like to know. BTW, I can't use the new engine that is being maintained by the people in Munich, I got to stick with version 0.1.

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We use the newer one on the Eclipse XPath2 engine (disturbingly called PsychoPath). CUP gets the job done, but we use the newer one. Being a small piece of software, it's easier to understand, which makes up for the scarceness of resources.

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I guess this didn't really answer your question, but at least feel free to ask... –  JesperSM Jan 24 '11 at 22:41

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