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This is an off-the-shelf PHP script I purchased (please dont tell me to Regex is not good for scraping HTML or to refund the product). Regex is my only choice as I'm not familiar with php code...

Problem: The script has a textbox for me to enter a Regex that suppose to scrap an URL from a given HTML segment. But the URL in the HTML segment is a relative link, I was able to match & capture the URL using Regex, but the script does a validation check on that and say it's not a valid path!! :(

E.g. This is what I got:


But this is what I need:


So how can I both capture then append using regex.

BTW I dunno what the Regex flavour is, but here are some examples from the product manual for the script:

1. Regular Expression: /<h2>(.*?)<\/h2>/iU

2. Regular Expression: /<div\sclass=“description”(.*)>(.*)<\/div>/siU

3. Regular Expression: /<p>R\$\s(.*)<sup>,(.*)<\/sup>/siU

Thank you so much

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Can you show us any source code? If you purchased it, what does the license say about modifying it? What your asking doesnt sound particularly difficult but its all for nothing if your not allowed to change the code. –  richzilla Jan 24 '11 at 23:00
The license allows me to modify their source code, however I prefer not to, simply because of potential upgrades issues in the future... so Regex is all I have! –  user587064 Jan 24 '11 at 23:51
From the examples it looks like the flavor is PHP's PCRE. Is /test-url/default exactly what you entered for the regex? –  RobertB Jan 25 '11 at 0:45
@RoberB - No "/test-url/default" is the result of my regex. I need to append the domain name back onto the result. So I need to append "test-domain.com"; to "/test-url/default" via Regex (not using PHP). –  user587064 Jan 25 '11 at 1:17
If /test-url/default is the result of your regex, can you grab the thing before? can you show what your regex is? The problem is that if the html code only contains relative links, then regex won't help you discover what host this html sits on –  vmpstr Jan 25 '11 at 21:56

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