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My users use my GWT app for an average of 40 minutes at a time, so when I upgrade the version number of the GAE backend, there's a long period of time when the version they're running in their browser doesn't match the version supporting it on the server.

Most functionality is broken, throwing IncompatibleRemoteServiceExceptions. How can I detect these on the client end? I don't see a way to get an error code out of the onFailure method.

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When you receive an IncompatibleRemoteServiceException in onFailure() you need to prompt the user to reload the page. Spawn a DialogBox (modal & with glass) informing the user that the application is out of date and a button that, when clicked, calls Window.Location.reload()

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Oh wow, I can't believe I missed the Throwable parameter to onFailure. Thanks for the pointer. –  Riley Lark Jan 24 '11 at 23:42

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