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If a server control was declared like this

<my:customControl id="cc1" runat="server">
  Help me obi-wan kenobi!

is it possible to access the text between the tags?

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2 Answers

If asp.net know how to parse your control (reflect Literal, LiteralControl, TextBox controls to see how its done)

[ControlBuilder(typeof(YourControlBuilder)), DefaultProperty("Text")] 
public class YourControl : Control, ITextControl {

[Bindable(true), DefaultValue(""), Localizable(true)]
public string Text {
public class YourControlBuilder : ControlBuilder {

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Adding [ParseChildren(true, "Text")] to your custom control class will do this.

You can find more information along with samples here http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/system.web.ui.parsechildrenattribute.aspx


Relevant snippet from the above link

[ParseChildren(true, "Employees")]

Use the ParseChildren attribute to set the ChildrenAsProperties and DefaultProperty properties. Using this constructor, the control parses all child controls as properties and must define a public property named Employees, which it declares as an ArrayList. Nested (child) elements must correspond to child elements of the Employees property or to other properties of the control.

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