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I need to make a report, and I have chosen JasperReport to create it. I want to make up a report that in each Page contains different summary. Example:

  • page 1: it will appear the table of contents
  • Page 2: A table with information
  • Page 3: Images, etc.

Could it be possible done with JasperReport? I saw the Table of Contents example of jasper report and I can't understand it with any documentation. If someone have done an example like I explained above, please contact me. Thanks.

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Try checking JRXML file. layout can be determined using jrxml files. I suggest to use itext which allows you to have full control on writing into a pdf.

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Without further thinking or trying, I would say make 3 groups. Each one has a Print When Expression

For the first group it will be something like $V{PAGE_NUMBER} == 1 and so on.`

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