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With the jQuery DataTables plugin, I've got the sorting down for server-side.

My problem now is how to filter a few specific columns server-side. Some columns I want to be filtered via <input>, and some columns I want to filter via <select>.

The documentation has separate examples of input filtering and then select filtering where it loops through all columns, but not a combination thereof.
I've seen this question, but it hasn't helped. DataTables Server Side Individual Column Filtering

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I think that Column Filtering add-on for DataTables is what you need. See

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I ended up doing something described here. – mg1075 May 17 '11 at 22:02
@mg1075 The link is broken – Jérôme Jan 15 at 13:50
@Jérôme - The datatables forum link has probably changed to this: – mg1075 Jan 15 at 14:38

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