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Hi Im trying to make a button_to :remote with Rails3, which when onclick it will fetech some content and display success alert when ajax did a round trip back with status 200.

my code now =

<%= button_to 'helloworld', '/ccs', :remote => true ,:method=>'get', :disable_with => 'loading', :confirm => "are u sure?", :success =>"alert('lol');" , :failure=>"alert('omg');"%>

It dose send another HTTP request when button clicked but just not having any action on success or failure.

What's wrong with it anyone?

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Rails 3 no longer has support for prototype helpers and their callbacks, such as :success and :failure. Read more on this page, particularly sections 3 and 4:


As you can see, you'll have to bind those callbacks manually (the page above uses jQuery), but you won't be able to do so inline.

Alternatively, button_to_remote, which will do exactly what you want, is now available as a plugin:


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thank you I will try both solution, also I assume importing the plugin prototype_legacy_helper won't break existing rails functions? –  yyy Jan 25 '11 at 8:47
That is correct! –  Marshall Sontag Jan 26 '11 at 0:13

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