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I want store my configuration data as like "key"-"value". Lets say key=IP then value="". So I have several such data to store in a file. I know the file seek, cursor movement and data read/write is very boring things. So I want to know is there anything in Qt like I will open a file. Then store a pair like - putPair("IP","");. For retreive data it could be like something getValue("IP"); and it should return me the value I found this type of functionality in android.

Is there any such functionality in Qt?

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For preferences like data, QSettings may do what you want.

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Sure. the QSettings class implements this functionality. You can use it to access a platforms standard INI file for your application or open your own file.

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You instantiate a QSettings class with QSettings::IniFormat to store key-value pair in an .ini file.

m_pApplicationSettings = new QSettings(m_strDependenciesDirPath+"\iConConfig.ini", QSettings::IniFormat, this);

The values are stored as QVariants, So the values can be stored and accessed as below,

m_pApplicationSettings->setValue("Temp Dir Path", QDir::tempPath()+"\iCon"); m_pApplicationSettings->value("Temp Dir Path",QDir::tempPath()+"\iCon").toString();

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