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Is there a way to not have a newline inserted before a div without using float: left on the previous element?

Maybe some tag on the div that will just put it to the right?

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There is no newline, just the div is a block element.

You can make the div inline by adding display: inline, which may be what you want.

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although you might just want to use a span. – Joeri Hendrickx Jan 25 '11 at 10:34
Thanks you very much – William Kinaan Mar 19 '13 at 12:03

Have you considered using span instead of div? It is the in-line version of div.

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<div style="display: inline">Is this what you meant?</div>
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Quoting Mr Initial Man from here:

Instead of this:

<div id="Top" class="info"></div><a href="#" class="a_info"></a>

Use this:

<span id="Top" class="info"></span><a href="#" class="a_info"></a>

Also, you could use this:

<div id="Top" class="info"><a href="#" class="a_info"></a></div>

And gostbustaz:

If you absoultely must use a <div>, you can set

div {
    display: inline;

in your stylesheet.

Of course, that essentially makes the <div> a <span>.

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div.noWrap {
    display: inline;
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