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I have a code which was used in an application where I am having a problem in rollback. Even if I 's2' returns false rollback isn't happening i.e. table 'products' is getting droped. Can anyone explain why it isn't working or how should I change it. Note: tables are of Innodb engine..I use mysql 5.0+

    mysql_query('SET AUTOCOMMIT=0;');
    mysql_query('START TRANSACTION;');
    $sql = 'DROP TABLE '.$this->Product->tablePrefix.'products';
    $s1 = mysql_query($sql);
    $sql = 'RENAME TABLE '.$this->Product->tablePrefix.'temp12212 TO '.$this->Product->tablePrefix.'products'; 
    $s2 =mysql_query($sql);
    if($s1 && $s2){
        $this->Session->setFlash('Commit Successful to Database');
        $this->Session->setFlash('Commit failed due to some errors<br> auto-rollbacked to previous state');
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DROP TABLE is one of the commands in MySql that cause a implicit commit.

Use this instead:

'RENAME TABLE '.$this->Product->tablePrefix.'products TO backup_table
, '.$this->Product->tablePrefix.'temp12212 TO '.$this->Product->tablePrefix.'products';
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rename is also nt working brother!!! :-(.. rename also issues an implicit commit. –  Libu Jan 25 '11 at 7:11
I know, use RENAME to rename both tables automicly, instead of a transaction. –  The Scrum Meister Jan 25 '11 at 7:12
Worked :-) thanks for the reply!!! 'RENAME' cannot be used inside 'START TRANSACTION' & 'COMMIT' but it can be used instead of it due to its atomicity property... –  Libu Jan 25 '11 at 8:00

You cannot rollback a DROP TABLE or RENAME TABLE statement as they cause an implicit commit.

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I sorted the problem this way instead!!! thanks all for your reply :-)  

 $sql = 'DROP TABLE IF EXISTS '.$this->Product->tablePrefix.'temp_backup';
        $sql = 'RENAME TABLE '.$this->Product->tablePrefix.'products TO '.$this->Product->tablePrefix.'temp_backup, '.$this->Product->tablePrefix.'temp TO '.$this->Product->tablePrefix.'products'; 
        $status =mysql_query($sql);
            $sql = 'DROP TABLE '.$this->Product->tablePrefix.'temp_backup';
            $this->Session->setFlash('Commit Successful to Database');
            $this->Session->setFlash('Commit failed due to some errors<br> auto-rollbacked to previous state');
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