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I'm using the Doxygen Wizard on the Mac (GUI for Doxygen 1.7.3).

I found out that If, in the header for my class, I #import a header file in which a protocol is defined, the first member of my class appears in the docs as pre-appended with the path to the class' header file, something like this:

(Doxygen HTML Output)

Protected Attributes:

Users [username] Desktop DirectoryName ClassName h NSString* myStringMember

(Further attributes display OK)

If I remove the #import, the problem goes away (But I need the protocol).

I read somewhere that Doxygen used to 'choke' on Obj-C protocols in the past, but that bug should be fixed by now. Anyone else experiencing something similar?

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Looks like many have run into the same problem but no one has an answer! perhaps the doxygen authors... –  NicolasMiari Aug 1 '11 at 12:00

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You may want to consider appledoc, its targeted at Cocoa developers and produces really good output.

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Thanks; I'll check it out –  NicolasMiari Mar 16 '12 at 12:22

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