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After upgrading to the latest iOS sdk, my developer documentation is is empty. When doing a search, the contents list on the left side bar appears but the main content is empty. Try to right click and load in browser but nothing happens too. Please help.


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I had the same problem, and I solved it downloading the documentation in Xcode via Xcode --> Preferences --> Documentation. You can check this answer XCode Documentation - Offline Reading which gives the general instructions to install any documentation api in Xcode, and an useful shortcut key combination to check documentation directly from source code.

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I had this problem after upgrading to xcode 4.5, and I eventually find that it's because the doc set file is not downloaded completely. Here is how I resolve this:

  1. In the xcode preferences -> Downloads -> Documentation, choose "iOS 6.0 Documentation Set", you'll see a brief about this set below. Scroll up this brief a little bit you'll see something like this:

    Feed: http://developer.apple.com/rss/com.apple.adc.documentation.AppleOSX10_8.atom Web Root URL: https://developer.apple.com/library/etc/redirect/xcode/mac/cc4e97/ Identifier: com.apple.adc.documentation.AppleOSX10_8.CoreReference Installed Location: /Applications/Xcode.app/Contents/Developer/Documentation/DocSets/com.apple.adc.documentation.AppleOSX10_8.CoreReference.docset

  2. Save the Feed link to somewhere and click the "Installed Location" to locate the broken doc set in Finder. Delete it. You'll see it's gone in the Documentation list.

  3. Click "+" to add a new doc set, fill in the feed URL you just saved.

  4. Let the download complete and hopefully everything will come back again.

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