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i've done this before but i cannot find my old code.

how do you embed a window inside a window.

let say i created a custom form and saved it as Window1.xaml, and want to embed it in Window2.xaml, without copy and pasting the xaml code.. TIA

EDIT: i think my question is somewhat misleading, i'll rephrase it.

i have this Window1.xaml i added custom headers and background images/colors.

then in Window2.xaml, i want Window1 to be a custom control and embed it here.

not sure if its Content Presenters, still googling for the answer :)

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I believe you should make use of Pages or usercontrols in such cases. This way you can navigate to other parts/pages/controls defined in application. CodeKaizen is right , you can't host a window inside another window

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You can't host a WPF Window inside another WPF Window, but you could move the content from one Window to another:

var window1 = new Window1();
var window2 = new Window2();

var content = window1.Content;
window1.Content = null;
window2.Content = content;

Note that you set window1.Content to null or else you get an exception, since the content will have a visual parent otherwise.

UPDATE It appears all you need to do is to copy all the XAML between the <Window></Window> tags in Window1 into a new UserControl, then host that user control in Window2.

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I'm not sure you can do that - however, you shouldn't put the user interface directly into a window, use a normal control (either custom or user) instead and reuse that in your windows.

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i think it really isn't putting the window directly, i want it to be like a custom control – Joe Jan 25 '11 at 8:33

I know you can do it in code behind

//Window you want to show
Window1 child = new Window1(); 

object content = child.Content;
child.Content = null;

//Where to show

Hope helps!

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Not bad, but you could make this code a bit tighter (declare content to be UIElement or var and there is no need for grid1). – codekaizen Jan 25 '11 at 8:39

It sounds like you really want a UserControl. Change Window1's type from Window to UserControl and then put that UserControl in Window2.

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