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I have a problem with deleting posts from facebook wall. I use Facebook C# SDK V4.2.1. Example of posting message:

Dictionary<string, object> parameters = new Dictionary<string, object>();

//init parameters

return _app.Post("me/feed", parameters);

And everything is ok, method Posts returns id of post.

But when I try to delete post with same id

 Dictionary<string, object> parameters = new Dictionary<string, object>();

                parameters.Add("id", settings.Id);
            return _app.Delete("me/feed",parameters); 

   //id  -  Facebook.JsonObject key = new Facebook.JsonObject();

   //key.Add(new KeyValuePair<string,object>("id",id));     

An error has been occurred:

(OAuthException) Invalid token: "me". An ID has already been specified. Stack trace: at Facebook.FacebookApp.MakeRequest(HttpMethod httpMethod, Uri requestUrl, Byte[] postData, String contentType, Type resultType, Boolean restApi) in d:\Projects\facebooksdk\Source\Facebook\FacebookApp.cs:line 800

and so on.

I tried to remove token "me", to past instead of token userId,result is the same.

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Try simply with _app.Delete(settings.id).

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I guess delete is not allowed by facebook ....as a security restriction placed by facebook to avoid any exploitation

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