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I'm interested in finding good icons/images that can be used in both 'free' and proprietary programs.

Please include a description of any license restrictions associated with the source of the icons you suggest.

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I use two search engines:

IconFinder and IconLook.

If you can't find what you want, this blog post has a list of great resources.

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I've used Silk Icons ( on a few projects. It's covered under the creative commons license so you will have to include a link back to the site somewhere in your app.

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I've had the best luck with Icon Buffet and StockIcons

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A good starting point, and a nice stock icon site. Some require payment, but there are lots of free sources out there. However, one of your highest priorities for a commercial application is that it looks good enough to buy - $30 for a good set is cheap compared to the time it takes you to research and find a set, nevermind the time it'd take for you to make them yourself.

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