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I'm using the pymongo driver.

Can someone take a look at pymongo and tell me how to do greater than? I"m used to doing : for everything.

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Have you seen the doc ? Take from the manual :

>>> d = datetime.datetime(2009, 11, 12, 12)
>>> for post in posts.find({"date": {"$lt": d}}).sort("author"):
...   post
{u'date': datetime.datetime(2009, 11, 10, 10, 45), u'text': u'and pretty easy too!', u'_id': ObjectId('...'), u'author': u'Eliot', u'title': u'MongoDB is fun'}
{u'date': datetime.datetime(2009, 11, 12, 11, 14), u'text': u'Another post!', u'_id': ObjectId('...'), u'author': u'Mike', u'tags': [u'bulk', u'insert']}
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If you wanna query and find docs which have a field greater than something you can

users.find({"age": {"$gt": 20}})

Check out the advanced query section of Mongodb for more reference.


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