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i tried to search both here and on however i did not found an answer.

I have created a project (P) using maven that have to modules (A,*B*). The module A is dependant on module B and module B is dependent on libraries R. When I open P using the InteliJ Idea 10.0.1 everything works smoothly. The only problem that i have is dependency handling.

The dependencies were imported transitively. Both A,*B* are now dependent on libraries R. I would expect B to be dependent on R, but i would expect R to be exported and A to be dependent only on B.

I found some old posts on jetbrains that seam to be related, however it seams that they have opposite problem Can anybody advise me please? Did i missed some configuration option?

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This is how Maven's dependencies work; each module (aka Maven Project) has an isolated classpath. Dependencies, imported into IDEA, are not 'exported' to prevent interference between transitive dependencies.

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