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Is there a way to create a query that will run for exactly ten seconds ? I don't need real data just a way to run a query for a long time so I can test how the system works in that time.

I would prefer not to create a huge table and make a simple select just for this. Any tricks?

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SELECT pg_sleep(10);

But that will not generate any load on the system if that's your real goal.

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Or a variation: SELECT generate_series(1,10000),pg_sleep(0.001) – Gavin Jan 25 '11 at 10:55
SET statement_timeout to '10s';
SELECT 1 FROM pg_class CROSS JOIN pg_class CROSS JOIN pg_class ...; -- be careful ;-)

Note that this will stress CPU and RAM, but not necessarily the disk. If you want to stress the disk, you will probably just have to create a very big table. To do that you could save the results of the query above or from any of the other solutions into a new table (CREATE TABLE AS).

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+1 Great idea. See the master at work ;) – Daniel Jan 25 '11 at 14:27

You can also run pgbench with -T switch. So...

pgbench -i -s 10

pgbench -c 10 -T 10

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