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I have been trying to learn web2py for use on App Engine. However I cannot seem to be able to access the admin interface. (The default page loads, when I access it from To access the admin interface, the url used should be (by default)) homepage of web2py

However when I click the admin interface link all I get is this page
error admin page web2py on local gae

Logging in with any email id does not work.

I have been through the tutorial at however, it does not talk about setting a password to access the admin interface on the local App Engine environment.(And I think it is out of date)

I have also been through the web2py book which talks about setting up a password to access the admin environment (when using the web2py server, this chapter does not talk about app engine)

Do I have to set a password to access the admin interface while it is deployed on the local app engine server? If yes, how?
If not, How do I access the admin interface?
Finally, Can I access the admin interface when the app is deployed on the remote GAE servers?

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You should set an admin password during the installation process.
Check this video at 00:35 or read this doc.

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I can access it now. That means that even though I do not want to use the web2py server, I need to run it once to set the password. Then I can turn it off and use the same password to access the admin console while running web2py on the local GAE SDK server – abel Jan 25 '11 at 10:06

I don't think you'll be able to access the admin interface when the app is deployed on the remote GAE servers because admin requires access to a filesystem, and GAE doesn't allow writing to the filesystem. So, you'll be limited to local usage.

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