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Suppose there is one folder 'Product' in which I have a without main function file And outside the Product folder , there is file having main function where I have declared the object of I will make the use of packages to call

Now tell me the way to call the file : EXCEPT using 1.CLASSPATH in cmd prompt 2.Without setting environment variable

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Is this homework? The actual question looks like something from a textbook, and there does not seem to be any practical problem :-) – Christoffer Jan 25 '11 at 11:37
Please, show us the file/folder structure and (part of) the source files (class declaration, package statements!). It's pretty hard to understand your question. – Andreas_D Jan 25 '11 at 12:13

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You have to set a classpath, but you may set it with a jar's MANIFEST.MF.

If you want to youse a Manifest you have to package your generated classes inside a JAR-Archive.

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You can package them into a jar file. In the manifest file, you can provide your as the main-class. In main class you can access as mentioned in the question.

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Explained well here....

Also this discussion of dynamically changing the class path happened here - Why System.setProperty() cannot change the classpath at run time !

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