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This is the html:

<span id="test"> </span>

This is the jQuery - runs in the document.ready:


    $('button').live('click', function(){

    //even this one:

The it alerts it says the 'type' is 'submit', but I haven't specified a type. How come? At least IE and Chrome are consequent in giving it the type "submit". But I don't even have a form, so it seems weird to make it a submit-button.

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The default value for the type attribute for <button> elements is defined as 'submit' in the specification.

submit: Creates a submit button. This is the default value.


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Ah, same for HTML5: The missing value default is the Submit Button state. If the type attribute is in the Submit Button state, the element is specifically a submit button. (w3.org/TR/html5/the-button-element.html#the-button-element). Thanks! –  Kees C. Bakker Jan 25 '11 at 13:31
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