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I need to extract this



I need to extraact google.com from this.

How can I do this in Java?

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Do you want to extract google.com, or the first two levels of the domain name ? –  arnaud576875 Jan 25 '11 at 13:02

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Split on . and pick the last two bits.

    String s = "maps.google.com";
    String[] arr = s.split("\\.");
    //should check the size of arr here
    System.out.println(arr[arr.length-2] + '.' + arr[arr.length-1]);
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Assuming you want to get the top level domain out of the hostname, you could try this:

Pattern pat = Pattern.compile( ".*\\.([^.]+\\.[^.]+)" ) ;
Matcher mat = pat.matcher( "maps.google.com" ) ;
if( mat.find() ) {
    System.out.println( mat.group( 1 ) ) ;

if it's the other way round, and you want everything excluding the last 2 parts of the domain (in your example; www, maps, and maps.maps), then just change the first line to:

Pattern pat = Pattern.compile( "(.*)\\.[^.]+\\.[^.]+" ) ;
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Extracting a known substring from a string doesn't make much sense ;) Why would you do a

String result = address.replaceAll("^.*google.com$", "$1");

when this is equal:

String result = "google.com";

If you need a test, try:

String isGoogle = address.endsWith(".google.com");

If you need the other part from a google address, this may help:

String googleSubDomain = address.replaceAll(".google.com", "");

(hint - the first line of code is a solution for your problem!)

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 String str="www.google.com";

       System.out.println(str.substring(str.lastIndexOf(".", str.lastIndexOf(".") - 1) + 1));
  }catch(ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException ex){
       //handle it
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