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I'm trying to use MSBuild.ExtensionPack.Web.Iis7AppPool task with GetInfo task action. This task's output parameter is SiteInfo property, which its type is ITaskItem. This is a propery, not a collection.

How can I access the SiteInfo metadata? I can access with $, but then all I can get is the web site name. I tried to use %(SiteInfo.) with no success.

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If the output parameter is an ITaskItem and you want to access the metadata then you need to assign it to an ItemGroup instead of a Property.

 <Target Name="Test">


      <Output TaskParameter="AppPoolInfo" ItemName="PoolInfo"  />

    <Message Text="AppPool info = [@(PoolInfo)]" />
    <Message Text="AppPool MaxProcesses = [%(PoolInfo.MaxProcesses)]" />

      Name="Default Web Site">

      <Output TaskParameter="SiteId" PropertyName="WebId"  />
      <Output TaskParameter="SiteInfo" ItemName="WebInfo"  />

    <Message Text="WebSite id = [$(WebId)]" />
    <Message Text="WebSite app pool = [%(WebInfo.ApplicationPoolName)]" />

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