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While entering an SQL statement in Oracle SQL Developer, I noticed that I have two choises. I can either "Execute Statement" or "Run Script". A similar choise seems to be available in SQL Maestro as well, altough named "Execute query" and "Execute as script".

What exactly is the difference between the two?

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Run Statement will give you a list of all the results in a sortable table. It will also only run the statement under the cursor (or highlighted). You will be prompted for bind variables when you run the statement (any place holder with : in front of it).


select * from customers where customer_id = :id

will prompt for a value for id

Run Script will execute all statements in the worksheet, and give a text readout of the results. It will not prompt you for the values of bind variables.

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It looks like they changed the terminology at some point: in SQL Developer, there's "Run Statement" and "Run Script", but no "Execute". – user565869 Jun 6 '14 at 14:59

I think "Execute Statement" - mean if you want to get results (resultset) "Run Script" - is something you need to execute but don't need a results, like installing database dump, or upgrade script to add columns to the table etc.

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