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This has been asked before but not satisfying for me.

If you develop an IPhone application you need some basic icons. For me they fall into two categories: a) Icons that represent your application and b) Icons in your applications user interface.

For the first category you are basically stuck to create your own icon or to hire someone, because it will represent your application and is therefor somewhat an trademark / servicemark. (e.g. iStockphoto license 4.4.)

Icons in the user interface can be bought or downloaded from the usual places. The problem is that non of the sites I've found so far have special Iphone icons. E.g. great outline icons that fit into the navbar. Home-icon anyone?

Where do I get icons that are made for the IPhone touch user interface?

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I think that these: glyFX or these Glyphish might be more like what you were looking for.

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I have an article up on my site that shows how to use OmniGraffle with a template I provide to create great iPhone toolbar icons in minutes:


You still have to draw your own, but that's all you have to do, and the toolbar icons have to be simple anyway.

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Here is a very nice set of TabBar icons for the iPhone - 60 bones though, but they look like they're worth it:

Alas, the website is gone.

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"The resource you are looking for has been removed, had its name changed, or is temporarily unavailable." –  HischT Feb 10 at 13:28

If you're using Photoshop, here's an excellent starter template:


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