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I'm working on an ASP.Net app

I have a drop down that, under some conditions, should be 'read only', that is, the user can't change it but, on a post back its selected value can be read.

Now I know that the readOnly attribute is not available for drop downs so I'm trying to build a method that simulates this

so I wanted to make a javascript function that doesnt let the user 'open' the drop down to select an item. is this possible?

here's the example

function MakeDropDownReadOnly(dropDownId, makeReadOnly){

    var myDropDown = document.getElementById(dropDownId);

        //Block drop down

          //Unblock drop down


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Make it disabled then in form submit (using JavaScript) enable it again so the value will be sent to the server.

Sample code to enable upon submitting:

document.getElementById("<%=DropDown1.ClientID%>").disabled = false;
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tks, that does the trick without the need to post back just to enable/disable controls. I added on the form tag 'onsubmit' = "EnableControlsAgain();" and it's working fine – DJPB Jan 25 '11 at 21:08

Can't you use Enabled="false"?

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I'm trying to enable/disable on client side and that way on server side its not possible to read the value – DJPB Jan 25 '11 at 15:40

Have You tried "Enabled" property of the DropDownList?

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onfocus="this.blur()" might work to prevent a user to interact with the select.

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