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I'd like to auto-format the stream operator in Eclipse in the following way:

std::cout << "Creating a cache entry for initial data for staff = "
          << std::endl;

nmspace::myspecialstream << "Some text is printed here."
                         << nmspace::endl; 

Essentially, I'd like the stream operator to align on the next line with the first stream operator on the previous line. There is a way to do similar formatting for function arguments where function arguments are aligned on each line with the first the argument, consider example:

void Manager::func(nmspace::SomeVeryLongType::SomeTypeWithinThatLongType arg1,
                   int arg2);

Wondering if that is possible to do it for streams as well?

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Is this more a question about how to set up Eclipse's options? –  John Dibling Jan 25 '11 at 15:47
Yes, I can't seem to find anything in properties that would do that, maybe because I don't understand all 1000 style properties there are. Maybe there is a way to do style corrections based on style scripts? Or the tool itself could be modified to do what I want... –  Leonid Jan 25 '11 at 16:20

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