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i am using memcached on my centos server , my project is large and has objects more than 1MB which i need to save to memcached , well , i can't ! because the max_item_size is 1MB , anyway to edit that ?

Thank you

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You can compile memcached and change the memory allocation setting to use POWER_BLOCK's, in the slabs.c file (or you can recompile and user malloc/free, but that is the greater of the evils).


I would seriously consider what you are caching and how it can be more modular, > 1MB in active memory is large.

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i will be using 5 blocks of 2 MB each only ;) thants all what i need thanks :) –  Ronan Dejhero Mar 16 '11 at 17:17
As of memcache 1.4.2, this is now a configurable parameter at startup. See "Configurable maximum item size" in code.google.com/p/memcached/wiki/ReleaseNotes142 –  nsanders Jul 30 '12 at 22:20
Original link in solution is obsolete. –  Islam Azab Nov 23 at 8:05

If you are using Memcache >= 1.4.2, this is now configurable. Here is an example of how to set this in your init script for starting Memcache on CentOS: http://www.alphadevx.com/a/387-Changing-the-maximum-item-size-allowed-by-Memcache

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