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I am trying to determine what /dev/input/eventX device is the touchScreen. I am currently looking at the return of EVIOCGNAME to get device name. Looking at the return values of the EVIOCGBIT ioctl I don't think there is a generic way to determine what is the touchscreen. I am interested in any sort of solution to this problem. Thanks in advance for your time!!!

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Take a look at:

  • /dev/input/by-path/
  • /dev/input/by-id/
  • /sys/class/input/event?/device/

These might have enough info for your needs. Wish I had a touchscreen to test ;)

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If the mask returned by ioctl(EV_ABS) contains ABS_PRESSURE, and ioctl(EV_KEY) contains BTN_TOOL_FINGER, then it's probably a touchscreen.

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