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I have created a div with a image I'm using with Image Map.

<div id="image"> 
<img src="image.png" usemap="imagemap"> 


#image {   float: right; }

But when I use the CSS with the Image Map, it doesn't work. What is the problem?

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Can you show the map and the image or an example so that we can test it, or do you have a site with the problem. –  David Mårtensson Jan 25 '11 at 15:57

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Here is a decent Tutorial on image maps hope this can help explain the process a little better.

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I solved the problem by using

<div id="image" align="right"> 
<img src="image.png" usemap="imagemap"> 

and dropped the CSS.

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Pretty decent Tutorial here, although the mapping is limited to rectangles.

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