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I managed to setup my app with a search based on acts_as_ferret. Overall it works fine. But I can't find results for words with umlauts (e. g. “Getränke”).

I added this to my environment.rb and rebuilt the index from scratch, but no better results.

Ferret.locale = "de_DE.UTF-8"

I double checked my database table, but I think this should be perfect:


BTW: The data is displayed fine in the database table (viewed with Sequel Pro).

Then I opened the index file with Textmate to search for the entry with “Getränke” and I fugured, the TextMate opened it with Mac Roman encoding and display the Umlaut like this


I reopened the index file with UTF-8 encoding, but then the strange charackters are displayed as rectangles with questionmarks.

How can I find results by searching words with German umlauts?

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This did the trick


$KCODE = 'u'
ENV['LANG'] = 'de_DE.UTF-8'
Ferret.locale = "de_DE.UTF-8"


  encoding: utf8
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