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I'm working on a project and need to count the amount of documents (MongoDB) in a cursor with BSON and C.

Here is my code:

        bson_append_string(query_buf, "url", bson_iterator_string(it)); 
        bson_from_buffer(query, query_buf);
        similar = mongo_find(conn, "testing.test", query, NULL, 0, 0, 0);
            bson_iterator it2[1]; 
            if(bson_find(it2, &similar->current, "url"))
                printf("%s\n", bson_iterator_string(it2));


How would I alter this in order to count the documents in each cursor (the above is in a loop, url is different each pass)?

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Have you tried the mongo_count method?

According to the source, it's right about here:

Note that the C drivers are still considered Alpha quality. If you find any bugs, please let the MongoDB team know:

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