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how can i store images in a mongo database rather than just text. can i create an array of images in a mongoo database. will it be possible to do the same for videos?

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Please see the GridFS docs for details on storing such binary data.

Support for your specific language should be linked to at the bottom of the screen.

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Check the MongoDB documentation for "GridFS"

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"You should always use GridFS for storing files larger than 16MB" - When should I use GridFS?

MongoDB BSON documents are capped at 16MB. So if the total size of your array of files is less than that, you may store them directly in your document using the BinData data type.

Videos, images, PDFs, spreadsheets etc - it doesn't matter, they are all treated the same. It's up to your application to return an appropriate content type header to display them.

Check out the GridFS documentation for more details.

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Hi you can try this one:

String newFileName = "my-image";
File imageFile = new File("/users/victor/images/image.png");
GridFS gfsPhoto = new GridFS(db, "photo");
GridFSInputFile gfsFile = gfsPhoto.createFile(imageFile);
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There is a Mongoose plugin available on NPM called mongoose-file. It lets you add a file field to a Mongoose Schema for file upload. I have never used it but it might prove useful. If the images are very small you could Base64 encode them and save the string to the database.

Storing some small (under 1MB) files with MongoDB in NodeJS WITHOUT GridFS

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