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I have package "A" with a setup.py and an extras_requires line like:

extras_require = {
    'ssh':  ['paramiko'],

And a package "B" that depends on util:

install_requires = ['A[ssh]']

If I run "python setup.py install" on package B, which uses setuptools.command.easy_install under the hood, the extras_require is correctly resolved, and paramiko is installed.

However, if I run "pip /path/to/B" or "pip hxxp://.../b-version.tar.gz", package A is installed, but paramiko is not.

Because pip "installs from source", I'm not quite sure why this isn't working. It should be invoking the setup.py of B, then resolving & installing dependencies of both B and A.

Is this possible with pip?

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Update: This is now supported.

I believe pip doesn't support extra_requires yet, you can see the FIXME comment in pip's source suggesting that. This bug report also corroborates that pip isn't handling extras yet.

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That appears to be it. My grep over the pip source tree didn't turn it up, as I was looking for the string "extras_require", not just "extras". –  dsully Jan 26 '11 at 16:24
For posterity, use pip install packagename[extra1,extra2]==2.1 as described in example 6 here and in this post. –  Ioannis Filippidis Jan 22 at 5:47

We use setup.py and pip to manage development dependencies for our packages, though you need a newer version of pip (we're using 1.4.1 currently).

#!/usr/bin/env python
from setuptools import setup
from myproject import __version__ 

required = [

extras = {
    'develop': [

    description="My awsome project.",

To install the package:

$ pip install -e . # only installs "required"

To develop:

$ pip install -e .[develop] # installs develop dependencies
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It appears that pip install .[develop] (without the -e) does not work, and you need to use an editable installation if you want to install extras of .. –  Jeremy Banks Apr 30 '14 at 15:51

FWIW this is a known bug in pip, tracked as issue 1236

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