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How can I embed a word document in a form or usercontrol like the explorer preview panel does?

I found this topic and they say DSOFramer isn't available any more, but what should I use now? A third party tool is only acceptable if its free.

The only thing I noticed was that prevhost.exe starts a winword.exe process with the -Embedding command switch, but I can't find any information on this switch.

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-Embedding is used to start an out-of-process COM server. That's not what you need. – ChrisV Jan 25 '11 at 19:22
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Okay I found the solution, it was kinda obvious. I created a UserControl which accesses the IPreviewHandler from word like the windows explorer does and host the preview in my control. The CLSID I use is {84F66100-FF7C-4fb4-B0C0-02CD7FB668FE}

You can use the Windows 7 API Code Pack for the interface declarations. I don't know if its offical supported by microsoft but for me it did the job.

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