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I have a table with content in html format , how do I write that table to PDF file in java?

I kind of get this working. I am using faceless pdf library. I have another doubt related to this still. Since I am writing data of html format in pdf , how can I get to know that I am at the end of page so I can print remaining data on next page? Right now it is writing incomplete data on only one pdf page , remaining data is not written.

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I believe you can use the iText API.

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+1 I use iText usually to generate PDFs as well –  Matthew Sant Jan 25 '11 at 18:07


  1. DocBuilder to parse out the HTML in String Arrays, if you do not have it already
  2. Use the orinoco library by Andy Khan to write out the PDF. Ref:


Good wishes, - M.S.

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It depends a bit on the complexity of the HTML, if you need perfect conversion fidelity and run in a server environment then have a look at these blog post (which I wrote):

It uses a commercial product, but it works really well.

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