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In a WPF app I have I bunch of CustomControls inside a Grid. For processing Mouse clicks on them I use the MouseLeftButtonDown event of the Grid and in the event handler I check which CustomControl was clicked:

private void Grid_MouseLeftButtonDown(object sender, MouseButtonEventArgs e)
        FrameworkElement feSourceComm = e.Source as FrameworkElement;
        MyCustomControl SCurrentComm = new MyCustomControl();            
            SCurrentComm = (MyCustomControl)feSourceComm;
        catch (Exception)

The problem appeared when I placed all CustomControls in a UserControl and then inside the Grid. In this case approach doesn't work.
I checked the type of click source in each case by e.Source.GetType().ToString(); and get the following results:

When there are no problem (in case I put CustomControls in the Grid without UserControl)


When I put CustomControls in the UserControl and then in the Grid


When I put CustomControls in the UserControl and then in the Grid and load the UserControl from external file by XamlReader.Load


So, my question:
How to make CustomControls vizible as e.Source when they are inside of a UserControl?

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e.OriginalSource will tell you which specific element the click happened on. if that is not your customcontrol, walk up the Parent chain of the OriginalSource until you find your customcontrol

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Yes, it works. Thanks! +1 – rem Jan 25 '11 at 19:43

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